The legacy of music in this family goes back many decades and has
culminated into The Vick Family Gospel Band. Tink Vick has been writing
songs since the 1970's. In early 2002 a couple of his sons got together and
decided to start playing music in order to put some backing tracks together
for some of Tink's songs. It wasn't long before their brothers wanted in on
the fun, along with their wives. As they practiced and learned more about
their instruments and their father's music, they began to feel the calling on
their lives. Since then they have been spreading the Word through their
music. Shortly after with the addition of Tink's brother and sister, who had
also been playing music and singing for many years, did The Vick Family
Gospel Band become known as it is today. They have recorded four albums
to date with more to come in the future. They do not seek fortune or fame
from their endeavors, but only to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ through
their music in the hopes that sinners would be drawn to Him and believers
would be drawn closer to Him.
Left to Right:
Scott Vick- vocals/drums/percussion
Wayne Vick-guitar
David Vick-vocals/bass
Marion "Tink" Vick-vocals/guitar
Glenda Bice-vocals
Jerry Vick-guitar
Sherry Vick-vocals/keyboards
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