Then they were brought unto Him, little
children, that He should put His
hands on them and pray, and the
disciples rebuked them, but Jesus said,
Suffer the little children to come unto Me, and
forbid them not: for of such
is the kingdom of God.
Meet Phillip Vick
Phillip was a man after God's own heart who had
a love for children. He was a foster parent.
Phillip decided some years ago that
instead of flowers, he wanted bicycles at
his funeral. “Bicycles will put a smile on a
foster child’s face for a lot longer than
flowers will do anybody any good.”
Over 100 bicycles lined the church at his
funeral and many more continued to
come in as the days & months followed.
His wife, Joette, along with The Vick Family,
continue the ministry
of caring for these children and have
delivered hundreds of Phillip’s bicycles to  
hurting foster children all over the state
of Alabama, and some even into
Tennessee. To this date, well over a thousand
bicycles have been given through this ministry.
“From the Depths of My Heart” is a project
Phillip did several years
ago. We have duplicated this CD and are
offering it with all
proceeds going to the “Phillip Vick Bicycle
Fund”. No bicycle leaves
without anointing and prayer for the life it is
about to enter. Our
prayer is that God place people into the lives of
those children that will minister His word and
His salvation.

Your contribution will help put a smile on a
foster child's face,
thank you and may God bless you.
Phillip Vick
"From The Depths Of My Heart"

Song list
"From The Depths of My Heart"
"Sheltered in the Arms of God"
"There is a River"
"I Found a Lilly in My Valley"
"Temporary Home"
"When Your Back is to the Wall"
"Feel the Nails"
"The Old Man is Dead"
"It's Time to Wake Up the Master"
"The Anchor Holds"
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